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Get Started with SOAJS Scaling and beyond
In this talk i will take you through SOAJS an open source platform as a service (aPaaS) built with javascript that offers a fully ready to use CORE framework and Platform to build, deploy, manage and troubleshoot clouds of microservices & daemons without compromising security, scalability, and reliability - while staying adaptive to any architecture, deployment technology, or legacy systems using SOAJS.
Mykhailo Stadnyk
JavaScript in OpenSource. Prospects, tools, community.
> OpenSource - general overview:
     - why and what for should i do it
     - what benefit can be obtained from the OpenSource development
     - how and where to start
> JavaScript in OpenSource. Prospects, tools, community
> How to get your own profit when sharing your decisions with the rest of the world
> How to make your work popular and earn 1000+ stars on GitHub: personal experience
Вибір технологій для нового проекту на React/Redux
The report is devoted to the creation of a project on React Redux. For experienced React programmers, Andrew produced a React Boilerplates comparison comparing RRSK and CRA, isomorphic applications, and a series of solvable problems. The report will be useful for React beginners: Andrew will tell about installing and configuring the project assembly, creating components, using Redux and much more.
Timofii Lavrenyuk
Lifestory: wanted to learn something new and as a result created a complete project
It happens that in the main work the project does not allow to develop and have to engage in self-development. So, in parallel with the work, I started to make my project, and in this report I will tell about the history of its creation and why it has been in production for 2 years.
Timur Shemsedinov
Transparent application scaling on Node.js
"- Архітектурні рішення для Node.js з масштабування додатків
- Огляд працюючих кейсів масштабування на прикладах реальних проектів
- Огляд типових проблем і вузьких місць в масштабуванні
- Архітектурні паттерни для JavaScript і мультіпарадігменний JS
- Особливості асинхронного і реактивного програмування на JS
- Застереження щодо структури додатків, конфігурації та архітектури
- Практичні поради щодо використання бібліотек
Andrew Schumada
One year of React Native app in production
Report on the creation of our Mobile Debitoor app for iOS on React Native in terms of a JavaScript developer without ObjectiveC / Swift skills. Tell about the development process, automatic and manual testing, releases, such features of mobile development as offline first, integration with Spotlight search, camera work, InAppPurchases, and others in the React Native environment.
Roman Sachenko
Security in NodeJS: Addiction to self-destruct
- DoS
- Memory Overflow
- Hijacking the require chain
- Brute-force attack

- Useful Modules
- Workarounds

Example/Show up:
- Breaking the authentication
Grzegorz Przybyłowicz
How to animate a 2D world: the best techniques to create games that gamers want to play
Grzegorz will be presenting the basic ideas behind creating advanced and visually high-quality video slot games while also going into some pros and cons he's learned along the way. Get ready for a detailed discussion about best practice, optimisation, and how to tackle common problems you might come across.